About a Real Psychic

About a Real Psychic

My name is Betsy and for the past 12 years I have been using psychics and mediums to help me with my life. But I have found it is not easy to find a real psychic, maybe you agree. We created this site to help you find a real psychic. We rate psychic services and offer reviews from us and people just like you!

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Psychic Soure
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Welcome to A Real Psychic, Your Source for Psychic Reviews and Ratings

Our Picks for Real Psychics based on our editors ratings and reviews. We recommend the following real psychic service:
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Psychic Source

Our Rating:5 out of 5 stars

Cost: Varies by psychic. $1.00 per minute for first timers with an introductory offer of 3 minutes free on the first reading.

What we liked: Psychic Source has been in business a long time (since 1989). They have a good number of psychics that we felt provide real value and were able to connect with us. Psychic Source offers a money back guarantee. We like the filters on the left that allow us to find the right psychic based on the type of help we need.

What we didn’t like: There were a few psychics we feel didn’t connect with us very well. However, that was made up for by the fact that we could get our money back if we were dissatisfied.

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Welcome to A Real Psychic, I’m so glad you stopped by!

My name is Betsy and for the past 12 years I have been using psychics and mediums to help me with my life. But I have found it is not easy to find a real psychic, maybe you agree. Like thousands of other people I have had great readings, average readings and really, really bad readings where I have felt completely taken advantage of.

I’m often asked: Are Psychics Real? I’ve written in detail to address this question with information that hopefully will help you!

I struggled with how to find someone who could connect with me. I tried finding a psychic who was real, not someone who was pretending to have the gift. Maybe like you I tried visiting dozens of local psychics, I tried connecting using phone services, I even tried using chat to connect with someone who could give me a real reading.

Over time, I found others like me who enjoy connecting with real psychics, not fakes, to help them with their lives. My new friends helped me to find some good psychics that I enjoy connecting with and talking to. I learned from my own experiences and from my friends that sometimes the best way to connect with a psychic is to use a service that carefully screens them to make sure they are legitimate. And I learned that having customer service and a way to get my money back, or at least credit for another reading, was really important.

Together, my friends and I created this website. We included helpful information including our Psychic Resources page with links to important and helpful information on finding good psychics, and avoiding fake psychics.

Are YOU a real psychic?

Are you wondering if you are a real psychic? In fact, many of us, perhaps most of us, have feelings and intuitions that we cannot explain. Sometimes we get that strange feeling that something is going to happen. Sometimes we get shivers as we walk into a room, wondering why. Sometimes we get a strong feeling about a person we just met, even though we have no details or other information about that person. Psychic readings are attempts to foretell the future by tapping into the possibilities associates with someones psychic energy.

So those feelings that we sometimes get are all potential signs of possible psychic abilities. The abilities are associated with psychic energy, a form of energy that cannot be seen or measured. The amount of psychic energy you are able to sense is what causes some people to have the gift of being a psychic. In some people, this gift is stronger, and they have the ability to get a sense of what may or may not be possible. Others have the gift of using their psychic energy to be able to communicate with people who have passed on. These people are generally referred to as Mediums, and they have a different version of that psychic energy.

How to Find a Real Psychic

I made this website and rated psychics because I wanted to help people find a real psychic they could connect with, just like how I was helped by my friends. I thought that if there are restaurant critics who secretly try out a menu to give us the low-down on food, why not critics to secretly try out psychics and give the low-down on them?

I couldn’t find a group of editors that was doing that, so I eventually created one by asking my friends to help me find and rate psychics. My friends and I became the editors, and this website became that service!

We hope you can read and learn from our experiences. But we also hope you will use this website to share what you know about psychics. We would love it if you would add your own ratings and reviews of your psychics. I hope you will do that and share your experiences so that we can all learn and grow together.

Finding a Real Psychic

Finding a real psychic is not easy. There are plenty of people in the world pretending to have abilities. To find a real psychic it is important to understand the differences between a real and fake psychic. Here are some of the ways to know you are dealing with a real psychic…

Ways to spot a real psychic

  • They won’t ask for money to pull a curse off you or your family
  • They will connect with you very quickly, and establish within you a feeling that they really understand you and your background or history
  • If they are real they will not need to ask you a lot of questions or probe you to learn details about your life
  • They will help you identify the choices and patterns that are influencing your life and will help you understand the directions you can or should take
  • They will be someone you bond and connect with quickly and easily, as if they have been a lifelong friend and companion
  • They know things about you that even your spouse or closest friends do not know

How We Rate Psychic Services

8 review criteria:

  1. Cost including any first time discounts or other savings
  2. What We Liked which is a brief summary of the positives of the services
  3. What We Did Not Like provides a brief summary of any potential issues
  4. The Psychics an overview of the psychics and their abilities to connect
  5. Customer Support including the ability to get money or credit back
  6. Website how easy or difficult it is to use along with any special features provided
  7. Overall Value which summarizes the above points and gives an overall rating
  8. Customer Reviews including reviews and ratings by you and other customers

Real Psychics – Do they exist?

Real psychics and if they exist or not has been a question that has been debated for thousands of years. According to the Bible, there were seers and psychics in ancient times. There are many old testament and new testament descriptions of people who had the ability to foretell the future. Those include the three wise men, who read the signs and new to follow the star to the town of Bethlehem, to give gifts to the new baby king Jesus.

Although you and I may not think of them as psychics, the three wise men and other ancient foretellers in the bible had the ability to see into the future and understand events before they happened. These gifts are the very same gifts that we assume present-day psychics have.

But do psychics exist today?

Although there is no scientific proof that psychics exist, there is also no evidence that proves their abilities and powers do not exist. Skeptics are quick to point out the many fake psychics that are caught cheating people. And this indeed is a sad truth, that some phonies who call themselves psychics have no psychic ability at all. This is why it is so important to do your homework and thoroughly investigate a psychic before you give your money to them.

The truth is, there are people today who have the gifts we associate with psychics. Some of these people are famous, like Sylvia Brown, John Edward or Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Psychic Medium made famous on cable TV. But many of these people are not famous, even though they share the gifts we associate with psychics. These are the people that sometimes have small shops or stores we can visit. But there are many more who live among us, not professionally using their gifts. I have met several of them and I know they are here.

Real Psychic in today’s world

A real psychic in today’s world is not a mysterious figure, nor are they all rich and famous. There are lots of people living and walking among us who have partial, average or even advanced psychic skills. So do psychics exist? I absolutely believe they do, I have met them and spoken with them and know that they made a significant improvement in my life through their gifts.

Real Psychics make real differences in our lives

The truth is that real psychics can and do make real differences in our lives. Whether you believe in their gifts and psychic energy or not, it is hard to deny that they have been among us for thousands of years. I fully believe they will continue to be among us, and that real psychics will be able to help make a difference in your and your future generation’s lives for thousands of years to come.


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