A Real Medium

A Real Medium We Found

Roe we feel is a Real Medium

A real medium can be hard to find, because the gift of connecting with people who have passed is rare. But I am very excited to say that we have recently found what we believe is a real medium.

What’s a medium? A medium is someone who is able to be contacted by people who have passed on, someone who can connect you with loved ones who have passed away.

Her name is Roenia (pronounced “Ro-E-na”) but she goes by Roe. She lives in Austin, Texas and her website is My Whispering Angels. Without a doubt, we feel she really does have the gift of being able to connect with loved ones who have passed.

Roe (as she likes to be called) is also a Certified Angel Card Reader™ and a life guide. She uses her ability to connect with your guides to help you navigate what can often be a very confusing or chaotic life. She strongly believes in the power of good and uses positive and uplifting Angel Cards to help get you on your proper life path.

I should mention that she’s not a psychic, and she will tell you that. She can’t divine the future, she can’t tell you what possibilities may be happening in your life.

If you are looking for a psychic, try some of the psychic services we have rated on this website.

But if you need to find a real medium and an excellent Angel Card reader then contact Roe because she may be just the person to help you!

A Book With Roe:

Notes-to-my-daughter-Joni-Hewitt-205x300Roe was mentioned in a book called “Notes To My Daughter” by Joni Hewitt. In the book, Joni tells the story of how her daughter was tragically and suddenly taken from this world. But the amazing thing is the love that Joni shared with her daughter was so strong that her daughter tried to stay connected with Joni even after death.

This is a remarkable story, made even more so by the fact that it’s all 100% true.

After trying several mediums and other attempts to connect to her daughter, Joni became connected with Roe, who actually did connect her to her daughter.

Joni wrote a book about her story of how her daughter kept trying from the grave to reach out to her, to let her know she could continue, to try to help her beloved mom move on with her life.

Whether you are trying to connect with a loved one or not, I can tell you it’s a wonderful story and one well worth reading.

Another Testimonial for Roe:

Here is another testimonial for Roe and her services, I think you’ll be impressed with how she really can help connect you with those who have passed.

“I had first heard about Roe from a friend of mine who works at SexyHair. She told me all about her session with Roe, and how Roe was able to connect her to her passed mom. My mom had passed many years ago. She and I hadn’t spoken since I moved out of her house when I was a teenager. “Moved” is probably not the right word, I ran away. My mom and I had stopped talking, and so when I learned she had passed away suddenly I felt horrible. I had never had a chance to talk to her, to say goodbye, nothing. It ate away at me.
In our reading, Roe was able to connect with my mom. I knew for a fact it was my mom because there were many details of our time together that only my mom and I knew. Without a doubt, I knew Roe really was connected with my mom, who was reaching out to me! I was thrilled and also completely amazed!

I finally, finally had my chance to talk to my mom, to set things right, and to communicate with her. I can absolutely assure you that there is a way for those on the other side to reach us. I have 100% certainty that my mom and I had finally, and gratefully, connected years after her death. I am forever grateful for Roe enabling me to finally re-connect with my mom. It has pulled a heavy weight off of me, and I now feel so much better knowing our connection has been established, and that I finally got the chance to connect with my mom.”

You can learn more about Roe at her website:

My Whispering Angels