Psychic Energy

Is Psychic energy real?

Psychics are often considered fakes because there is little or no scientific proof that psychic energy is real. Although it’s true there are fake Psychics, it’s not true that just because you can’t see, touch, taste or smell psychic energy, psychic energy does not exist. It’s also true that not all Psychic’s are fakes.

Definition of psychic energy

For this discussion, let’s assume that psychic energy is the energy that Psychic’s are able to somehow tap into, sense or otherwise connect with. It’s an energy that exists outside the known physical energies such as light or electricity.

Psychic energy and the five senses test:

If you can’t touch, taste, smell, hear or see psychic energy, then it must not exist, right?

First, let’s examine oxygen using our five senses test:

Oxygen in its gaseous state in our atmosphere is essential to life. Without the oxygen in our air, you and I and almost all life we know would not be present. Yet it is colorless, you can’t see it even though it is all around you. You can’t hear oxygen. Oxygen is also odorless, you can’t smell oxygen in the air around you. Oxygen is tasteless, and of course you cannot feel oxygen in its gaseous state. Amazing considering oxygen is present in the air, water and earth.

Now let’s examine psychic energy using the same five senses test:

Psychic energy is colorless, you can’t see psychic energy. You can’t hear psychic energy. Likewise, psychic energy is odorless, you can’t smell psychic energy. Psychic energy has no taste and of course you can’t touch psychic energy. According to to this test, psychic energy must not exist.

Because our senses cannot experience psychic energy, we assume there is no psychic energy. Of course, by the same law we must also accept that there is no oxygen, even though we know there is!

Put another way, if there is oxygen even though our five senses cannot experience it, then doesn’t it make sense that there could also be psychic energy, even though our five senses cannot experience it?

Psychics can sense psychic energy

How do psychics sense psychic energy? That is not clear, but true psychics have the ability to somehow sense an energy that science does not yet understand. We know this from the many examples of psychics who have helped police solve murders, the psychics who are able to connect with our family and friends that have passed on, and the psychics that know facts about us even though they never met us before.

Just because science has not yet understood and defined psychic energy does not mean psychic energy does not exist.