About Us

About Us, the Editorial Team of A Real Psychic


My name is Betsy and for over 12 years I have been using psychics and mediums to help me with my life. But I have found it is not easy to find a real psychic. Maybe you agree. I spent hundreds of hours trying to find someone who could connect with me. I was hurt badly by so-called psychics that I trusted (and gave lots of money to), only to find out they were fakes or scam artists.

Eventually, I connected with friends who shared my interest in trying to find real psychics. My friends (Alison, Cindy, Craig, Monique, William) and I helped each other find psychics who were able to connect with us and help us with our lives. Grateful for their help, and wanting to help others, I suggested we create a website where we could provide our ratings and reviews of psychic services to help out others. Eventually, we created this very website you are now visiting.

I’m not much in the way of technically minded, so my friends Craig and William helped me get this website built. We created psychic ratings of the various services that provide psychic services. We evaluated each service and provided our thoughts on eight criteria. We became editors and did our reviews without the services knowing, just like a restaurant critic evaluating a restaurant!

How to Find a Real Psychic

I made this website and rated psychics because I wanted to help people find a real psychic they could connect with. I had looked all over to find helpful information on how to find a real psychic, but there didn’t seem to be anything. That’s when my friends suggested we pool our thoughts together into a helpful website.

We spent a lot of time collectively reviewing our experiences on how to find a psychic, or how to spot a fake, and eventually created our website which you are now visiting, A Real Psychic. I am very proud of our site.

We believe it is the only website that has actual information on how to find a psychic based on your needs. It’s a fun way to find basic information about your psychic needs, what you are seeking, and the type of help you are looking for. Based on the information we collected, and which our readers share in the ratings, you can use this site to help identify the best psychic for you, customized just for your needs!

Get Started Finding a Real Psychic

To get started finding a real psychic for your needs we suggest visiting the psychic ratings page. There you can see an overview of each of the services we have rated. If you have tried one of the psychic services then feel free to leave your own ratings. Together we can all grow more knowledgeable!

Thank you for visiting!