How to Find a Psychic

How to find a real psychic & not get ripped off by fakes

Betsy of A Real Psychic

Betsy of A Real Psychic

Are YOU looking for a real psychic?
So was I! And I’m happy to tell you it’s not impossible to FIND A REAL PSYCHIC!
But, it wasn’t easy for me to find a real psychic, I GOT RIPPED OFF. And it hurt.
After lots of trial and error, and some help from friends that use psychics,




For less than the cost of a 3 minute phone session with a psychic you can BUY THE EBOOK that will help you find the right psychic for YOU!



Hi, I’m Betsy, I’m glad you are here!

When I first started looking for a psychic I had no clue how to find a real one. I tried all kinds of services and visited many local psychics and fortune tellers near my home.

Unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way how to find a real one, because I had no knowledge or experience at that sort of thing. In my experimentation with trying to find psychics I got taken by fake psychics who stole my money and robbed me of my trust. It hurt a lot. I was promised all sorts of things that never came close to happening. I paid for charms or to have bad spells and curses removed from me and my family. All with absolutely no effect or help at all.

Eventually, I found a group of friends that had shared my experiences. They had found real psychics who connected with them and helped them and whom my friends had good connections with. I learned from my friends the right way to check psychics to see if they were legitimate. After all the help from my friends, I eventually found the good psychics I desired, and I finally was happy.

I wrote the How To Find a Psychic eBook with my friends Craig, Cindy, William and several others to help you find a psychic, just the way we were helped. Everything I and my friends learned about finding a psychic we poured lovingly into this eBook.

Nancy J. used A Real Psychic eBook


“I was so confused, I didn’t know what psychic to trust. I was feeling bad because I kept getting taken by all sorts of people claiming to have the gift. I tried some psychics near me in town, but didn’t feel like they were very accurate.

I was looking for a way to figure out who I could trust. I downloaded the eBook and was pretty surprised. It has sections that asked me questions about what I was looking for, how comfortable I felt with phone or chat, and other questions. I answered them and totaled my score to figure out who to go to. What a change! For the first time I knew who I needed to reach, how I wanted to interact with them, and what kinds of psychic help I needed.

I am so happy I came across this website and used the eBook, it helped me find a really good psychic! I’m happy now, and I have a great psychic to rely on. Thank you!”

Nancy Jones


Why We Wrote How To Find a Psychic

My friends and I looked all over the internet to try to find an eBook or workbook that would help us find a psychic. We never found one! So we eventually decided to write our own. We put our experience and knowledge into the eBook which we call: How To Find a Psychic.

We want to help you hopefully stay away from potentially getting ripped off. Our goal is to give you all the tips and techniques we used so that you can find a psychic you need who helps you, and connects with you.

Mary S. used A Real Psychic eBook


“I was using a psychic for over a year who sold me charms and spells. She did that she said to stop certain members of my family who she said were using evil spells against me. After I had wasted a lot of money I realized that nothing I or she had been doing was working. Eventually my sister intervened and got us all talking again. The psychic claimed it was from the spells she gave me but I knew it was my sister and the spells didn’t work at all.

I was trying to find a new and hopefully real psychic when I found this eBook. I only wish I had found it earlier, it was such a big help!

I have my new psychic, and so far everything she has been telling me has come to pass. I’m so much happier now, my life feels so much more in control and my family issues are thankfully behind me!”

Mary S.


Contents of our eBook

Our eBook “How To Find a Psychic” is a fun and easy way for you to enter information about you needs, the type of psychic you are seeking and more. By entering your information using this easy-to-use quiz format you’ll have the information you need to find the psychic that is right for you.

If you have ever taken a quiz in Parade, Cosmo or Woman’s Day magazines you know how our eBook works. You answer simple and fun questions, and the resulting score based on your answers helps you identify the best psychics for you.

I also filled our eBook with lots of information on how to make sure you don’t end up getting taken by fake psychics. Our How to Find a Psychic eBook is a fun and easy way to learn how to find the best psychic for you!

Tina A. used A Real Psychic eBook

Tina “I had no idea how to find a real psychic who could help me. I had lots of questions, and there’s just not much information out there. I had friends who told me about their psychics, but somehow I never felt very connected to them. I didn’t feel comfortable talking to them and wasn’t sure their predictions were accurate.

I eventually found this workbook and it has made a big change! I completed each section, and when I was done I had such a better idea about the right psychic for me! I discovered that I was more comfortable with email and chat readings. So when I searched for psychics I looked for ones that offered chat.

What a difference! I feel so much better now that I’ve found the right psychic! The eBook was a big help and I’m so glad I took the time to use it!”

Tina Anderson

For less than the cost of a 3 minute phone session with a psychic you can buy the eBook that will help you find the right psychic for YOU!


The “How to Find a Psychic” workbook is divided into 7 sections, including:

  • Section 1 – What are your goals? What are you trying to accomplish by seeking a psychic?
  • Section 2 – Your Personality: Your personality is a key component of finding a good psychic. Are you more comfortable talking over the phone, going in person, using email, or skype?
  • Section 3 – Your Type of Psychic: What type of psychic interests you?
  • Section 4 – Your Timeline: How often do you think you may need to go seek the psychic’s advice? Short term issues may be handled by one type of psychic, longer term issues another type.
  • Section 5 – The Psychic’s References: A good psychic, just like a good landscaper or interior decorator, will have good references for you to contact.
  • Section 6 – Calling the References: Once your prospective psychics have provided you with references, you must do the next part and contact those references. This section makes that easy and fun.
  • Section 7 – Your Feelings about the Psychic: According to Char Margolis, a famous psychic, everyone possesses the ability to have intuition, a way to tap into the universe’s psychic energy. If your intuition is telling you to be cautious, or that you don’t have a real psychic, then carefully consider your alternatives.


Pictures of our How to Find a Psychic eBook

How to find a psychic ebook screenshots

How to find a psychic ebook screenshots

I always like to review something before I buy it, especially a book or magazine. If you are like me and feel the same we have included some screen captures of our eBook. These screen shots of our eBook give you an idea of the information and detail we took to make sure you had the best tool possible to help you find your psychic.


How much would you pay to find the psychic that’s right for you?

A good psychic is going to cost about $9 or so a minute! I ended up paying a lot of money, hundreds and hundreds of dollars to be exact, before I eventually found psychics I could connect with and who helped me. I can’t tell you how much money I wasted on fakes! Probably hundreds and hundreds of dollars, maybe over a thousand dollars.

I wanted to take that kind of pain away from others. So I created this eBook with my friends with all our knowledge and expertise. It took a long time. We finally finished it with the intention of selling it for $29.95, which is much cheaper than a single call to a psychic whom you may not know and may not connect with.

But I felt like that wasn’t good enough. I wanted to make it so cheap that anybody could easily pay for all the expert tips and information we provided. My friends took some convincing, but we have agreed to temporarily price our eBook at only $19.95. At that price, it barely covers our costs, but I don’t care as I think it is just too important to help others find a real psychic.

For less than a 3 minute call with a psychic, you can buy this book to help you find the psychic that’s right for YOU!


Who can benefit from our eBook?

People who have found the most value and benefit from using our eBook are looking for psychic help to…

  • Renew a lost love
  • Learn about your future
  • Make important career choices
  • Find the lover of your dreams
  • Connect with family or friends who have passed on


Purchase your copy of our eBook securely and safely

It’s easy to purchase a copy of our eBook. We use PayPal to make it simple, fast and secure. We use Craig’s paypal account, to make sure you have a convenient way to order our eBook. For only $29.95 $19.95 you get the very best information from me and my friends experiences and expertise. Our eBook will help you find a psychic that is right for you.


My wish for you is for you to find a good psychic no matter what

I hope you will enjoy using our eBook to help you find the best psychic for you. But even if you don’t use our eBook, my wish is that you are able to enjoy and receive help from a psychic that will be perfect for you.

Thank you for reading this and if you have any questions or comments for me or my friends please feel free to add them below.

Thank you, and best of luck to you in your search!


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