How to Spot Fake Psychics

How to Spot Fake Psychics Part 1 of 4

This checklist is the most comprehensive checklist for how to spot fake psychics on the internet! It is a compilation of all our experiences at finding good psychics, and watching out for fake psychics.

Because of the amazing amount of detail, I have divided this checklist into four parts. Each covers the important items you can do to spot a fake psychic.

I want to share with you how to avoid fake psychics, because I was taken advantage of by fakes, and so I want to help you make sure YOU do not have the same bad experience I had.

The good news is, using these tips I was eventually able to find real psychics who helped me.

For help with finding a great psychic who meets your needs, please also review my “How to Find a Psychic” page which includes our very popular workbook designed to help you find just the right psychic for you!

I hope you will find this checklist useful in helping you avoid fake psychics!


1. Know What You Want

check-box-arealpsychic-14x14 I know what I want from my psychic reading
check-box-arealpsychic-14x14 If there’s more than one thing, I have a list
check-box-arealpsychic-14x14 My list is ordered from most to least important


Before you start looking for a psychic it is a good idea to spend some time determining exactly what you want out of your psychic reading. This will make it MUCH easier to find a good psychic, and to keep away from fake psychics:

  • Love or Relationships: Are you interested in learning about love or relationships? If so, there are psychics who are more adept at providing you readings in this area of your life. You can seek them out specifically to help you in your relationship.
  • Work and Career: Perhaps you are interested in your work or career? If you are seeking help in determining your career goals or the right job for you, then you can seek out psychics who specialize in identifying career paths.
  • Financial or Money: Maybe you are focused on learning about financial issues or goals. In this case look for psychics that have clients who have been helped from a money or financial standpoint.
  • Other Needs: Finally, you may have several needs not listed here that you are trying to find help with. In this case write a list down of the types of questions you have.

Next, put that list into order, the most important questions at the top, those less pressing down below. This will help you determine exactly what you seek in your dealings with a psychic.

When you do contact a psychic, be sure to have your list or main question present so you know you are focusing on that area, and not being distracted. Fake psychics may try to pull you off of your intended purposed in contacting them.

2. Your Type of Psychic Reading

check-box-arealpsychic-14x14 I know what type of reading I want
check-box-arealpsychic-14x14 If a psychometry reading, I have the item I want to use


What sort of psychic reading do you want or think you need? There are many types of psychics who provide many different types of readings:

Distant readings:

Distant readings can be conducted without the reader ever meeting or speaking to the client. The client asks questions pertaining to his or her life and a psychic uses intuitive senses to determine a probable outcome or solution to those questions. At times this practice is similar to methods used for remote viewing and healing.

In-Person readings:

In-person readings include the tried and true local psychic visits, when a client goes to the psychic’s work or the psychic visits the client.

In addition, in-person readings include phone, live-chat and live video chat conferences where the psychic and the client are connected live, using a phone, smartphone or a computer.

Tarot reading:

Tarot reading, or reading a deck of Tarot cards, is what many people often think of when they think of psychics. Because of this perception Tarot reading is often used to try to read a person’s future, or understand what should be done with relationships, jobs, family matters or other important events. Tarot readings are influenced by many variables, and so there rarely are two readings that are the same. This is because each card in the 78 Tarot card deck has a specific meaning when placed in the spread.

Psychometry readings:

Psychometry readings use objects that have been very close to a person to help tune-in to the energy of that person. These objects could be a favorite piece of jewelry that someone always wore, or a watch, glasses or other item that they kept close. Some of the person’s energy is attached to the item, and it is this energy that the Psychic attempts to read.

Your preferred type of psychic reading:

Determining which type of reading you feel most comfortable with is important. It’s difficult to get an accurate reading if you are nervous, annoyed by technology or just uncomfortable. Fake psychics will take advantage of this, which is why it’s important to be as comfortable as possible.

Some people feel more comfortable seeing the psychic live. This means doing an in-person visit to a local psychic, or potentially using remote in-person techniques like a live video conference through your computer or smartphone.

Whatever type of reading you feel most comfortable with, write down your type. And if you are interested in a psychometry reading, list the item you intend to use.

3. Check With Your Friends

check-box-arealpsychic-14x14 Ask friends and family for psychics they recommend
check-box-arealpsychic-14x14 If uncomfortable, use ‘just for fun’ or ‘for someone else’ approach


Ask Friends and Family:

A great place to start in avoiding fake psychics is by asking your friends or family if they use psychics. Word of mouth is often the best way psychic reputations get around. A good psychic in general will usually have good word of mouth, and fake psychics will usually have bad word of mouth.

If you are uncomfortable asking your friends and family about psychics, there are several approaches you can use to ‘break the ice’ so to speak.

Just For Fun:

The ‘just for fun’ approach can work if you are uncomfortable with the subject. Start by asking your friends or family if just for fun they have ever tried a psychic. Their answer will probably be yes or no, and if yes you can follow up to ask them if they still go to that psychic. You can tell them that ‘just for fun’ I’d like to try one. This approach can be a great way to learn from them without the pressure or perception that you are asking for something strange or abnormal.

For Someone Else:

Another approach that works well if you are uncomfortable asking about psychics is to ask on behalf of someone else. You might suggest to your friends or family that you are just helping someone else who’s interested in psychics. This approach follows the psychology of ‘it’s not for me, it’s for a friend.’ However, be aware that many people, especially those that know you very well, may probably guess the real reason you are asking.

It’s For Me:

Finally, the very best approach, although it’s not always easy, is to be honest with your friends and family and tell them the truth. Explain you are looking for a psychic because you feel a need to try one for your life path help. Honesty is always the best policy and should provide you with rewards. Don’t be afraid to try this, you can do it!

Your friends and family can be the best source of information for finding a real psychic, and avoiding fake psychics.

4. Check With the BBB

check-box-arealpsychic-14x14 Check with the BBB
check-box-arealpsychic-14x14 Rating better than ‘D’
check-box-arealpsychic-14x14 No rating doesn’t mean bad


Better Business Bureau:

If you are in the United States or Canada, you can use the BBB (Better Business Bureau) to find the rating of the psychic or psychic company you are interested in using. Fake psychics generally have poor ratings compared to good psychics.

Watch out for D Ratings:

If the psychic or psychic company you are interested in using has a “D” rating or worse with the Better Business Bureau, watch out! That psychic or psychic company just might be a fake.

No Rating Doesn’t Mean Bad:

To be clear, there are literally thousands upon thousands of psychics and psychic companies in the world, and the Better Business Bureau only lists a handful of those companies. Just because your psychic is not listed with the Better Business Bureau does not necessarily mean your psychic is a potential fake.

Also, the Better Business Bureau does not determine whether a psychic is real or not. The Better Business Bureau only provides information about what other customers report about the service, or customer service, they received from the company.

However, if your psychic IS listed with a “D” rating or worse with the Better Business Bureau then proceed with caution! Your psychic just might be a fake.

End of Part 1 of 4, How to Spot Fake Psychics