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Psychic ratings by our editors, and by other actual customers are the best way to help you find the psychic that is right for you. Our editors check psychics very much like restaurant critics. We stay under cover so the psychics do not know their services are being reviewed. If you are using a psychic feel free to leave a comment and rating. And if you are looking for a psychic read the ratings to help you find a real psychic you can trust.

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Psychic Source

Our Rating:5 out of 5 stars

Cost: Varies by psychic. $1.00 per minute for first timers with an introductory offer of 3 minutes free on the first reading.

What we liked: Psychic Source has been in business a long time (since 1989). They have a good number of psychics that we felt provide real value and were able to connect with us. Psychic Source offers a money back guarantee. We like the filters on the left that allow us to find the right psychic based on the type of help we need.

What we didn’t like: There were a few psychics we feel didn’t connect with us very well. However, that was made up for by the fact that we could get our money back if we were dissatisfied.

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Our Rating:4 out of 5 stars

Cost: One dollar per minute, however Oranum uses ‘credits’ that you purchase with your credit card to pay for your readings.

What we liked: Oranum has live chat based sessions with the psychics, where you and the psychic can interact live via their webcams. Oranum is also the only psychic service that allows you to chat free with the psychics prior to agreeing to conduct a private, paid session.

What we didn’t like: Customer support is handled via email only. There is a billing phone number, but it is located in Luxembourg in Europe which can be expensive to call for U.S. based customers.

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Our Rating:4 out of 5 stars

Cost: Varies by psychic with Masters being more than Elite or Top Rated. First timers can receive $1.00 per minute with an introductory offer of 5 minutes free on the first reading.

What we liked: The AskNow psychics our editors reviewed did a good job connecting and empathizing with us, we felt confident in their readings. We liked how the psychics are rated by Master, Elite, Top Rated as it helped us learn the credibility of the psychic. We liked how psychics are grouped by type of need (money matters, love, etc.). English and Spanish!

What we didn’t like: We found it a bit difficult to filter the large selection of psychics as there are no filtering tools on the website.

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Our Rating:4 out of 5 stars

Cost: Varies by psychic and also varies by the type of services the psychic provides. Currently offering 3 minutes free for new members.

What we liked: A large number of psychics who are categorized by the type of questions you have (for example, psychic readings, love and relationships, life questions, etc.). The per minute rates are displayed along with whether the psychic is available immediately or not. Many of Keen’s psychics have been with them for a long time, some going back to 2005.

What we didn’t like: Finding the filters to further narrow our choices of psychics was a bit difficult, we eventually found the “Refine My Options” filter tool.

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Hollywood Psychics

Our Rating:3 out of 5 stars

Cost: First three minutes are free for new users. Typical cost is $5 per minute and you pay in advance for your time.

What we liked: Hollywood Psychics provides a good service with a very easy to use website for finding the best psychic for your needs. The customer service is also good, with a satisfaction guarantee and support available 24/7. We connected with most of the psychics we spoke with.

What we didn’t like: Our editors found that some of the live online chats were a bit stilted. However, this was more than made up for with good phone readings in which we felt connected with our psychics.

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 Psychic services not yet rated

The following list of psychic services have not yet had the latest rating by our editors. Check back often as we will be updating our ratings regularly.

Psychic Access

Live Person (now Kasamba)

Life Psychic

Psychic Center