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Editors Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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Cost: Varies by psychic with Masters being more than Elite or Top Rated. First timers can receive $1.00 per minute with an introductory offer of 5 minutes free on the first reading.

What we liked: The AskNow psychics our editors reviewed did a good job connecting and empathizing with us, we felt confident in their readings. We liked how the psychics are rated by Master, Elite, Top Rated as it helped us learn the credibility of the psychic. We liked how psychics are grouped by type of need (money matters, love, etc.). English and Spanish!

What we didn’t like: We found it a bit difficult to filter the large selection of psychics as there are no filtering tools on the website.

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The Psychics: 5 out of 5 stars

The AskNow psychics our editors reviewed did a good job of listening, providing good readings and being sensitive to us. We liked how the psychics are broken out by level, Master, Elite, Top Rated etc. We found it easy to use the service, and enjoyed the ability to have our names added to the call back list so the psychic could call us when they were available. Online chat and phone readings are available, which is nice. There are several offers for new customers including $10 for 15 minutes and a free 5 minutes for the first timers.
Customer Support: 4 out of 5 stars
The customer support at AskNow is good, with an 800 number available all day and night. We had few problems with our psychics and likewise no problems with customer service. They offer credit back for issues with calls or online sessions, but only to a maximum of 10 minutes, which is less than what some other top rated services offer. There is no ability to receive money back like some other top rated services offer, it’s credit for another reading only at AskNow. For those reasons we rated the customer support at AskNow a four out of a possible five.
AskNow Website: 3 out of 5 stars
We found the website for AskNow to be fairly easy to use and simple to navigate. By clicking on the psychic’s name you can review a page with more information about them. We liked that the ability to see the psychic’s schedule, and the ability to have them call you back if they are busy. However, we didn’t see any obvious way to filter the psychics to find just the few that matched our needs, a function almost all the other sites offer. Likewise, we found that without the quick listings of who’s available and who’s busy that some other services offer we had to spend much more time scanning individual psychics to find those that met our needs and were available. Because of this extra effort in finding a psychic we needed and being able to see if they were available, we gave the AskNow website a four out of possible five stars.
Overall Value: 4 out of 5 stars
The editing team gave AskNow an overall value of four out of five stars. The psychics at AskNow are good at connecting and being sensitive to our needs, and we had no issues with bad readings. We liked that both online chat and phone readings are available with some psychics, and we liked that both English and Spanish is available. The AskNow website’s lack of filtering and extra effort with finding just the right psychic who was also available was the primary reason we rated AskNow with a 4 out of 5 star rating.

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 66 reviews
by tinydancer22 on A Real Psychic

Tawnya was impressive. She felt my anxiousness about my reading and helped me be calmer. Once I was able to be more open, I was able to understand what she was saying, and how my cards were explaining what I could work on. It was a special time and I enjoyed it very much.

by Ana on A Real Psychic

Wow! My psychic reading tonight was so deep and so spiritual, Layla really helped me see where my life path will split, and what my choices will be, and what will happen with each. So profound to be able to be confident about my future! Empowering! Thank you Layla for helping me feel so much better now!

by jodie on A Real Psychic

Completely freaked me out! Knew so much about me and my life, and what she saw in the next few weeks is crazy! Wow!

by Monamoma on A Real Psychic

Psychic Callie was probably one of the best psychics and readings I've had in a long time. She was very detailed in her descriptions of past (all true!) and future events (I hope!). I would give her 10 stars, but it doesn't go that high! Thank you Callie for giving me hope again!!!

by Anna maia on A Real Psychic

My first reading (not with asknow) was dreadful, not even close and so general it was obvious this woman had no talent at atll. My next reading was with Sandra Lee and she was so in tune with me and my life that I knew this was real. Thank you SandraLee for helping me see past my issues and looking forward to what's next!

by Rihanna J on A Real Psychic

My reading with Tawnya was fabulous! She really has a gift for understanding your life path, and where you are in your life path. She helped me with my relationships with my family, which have been pretty stormy, especially with my son. I am so happy that I have found a psychic who is so in tune with my and my life. Blessings Tawnya and thank you, thank you, thank you!

by brancaJ on A Real Psychic

Came looking for answers to why things have been so messed up in my life for so long and why I can't get into better times. Amazing reading with pyschic Lucian who blew me away with his knowledge of me, what happened to me, and what's coming next! Maybe I have taken too much of my past with me. He told me that by releasing my anger, and fear, I could move forward. SO nice to hear that I've got new life coming!Sometimes I think I get stuck on the past, it's hard to forgive some of the crap that's gone down in my life, starting as a little girl when I was abused by my relative. My first husband cheated on me, with another guy no less - totally made me feel like a complet failure as a wife and woman. I'm sure everyone else has stories like mine, but nothing can make it 'alright' and I was not even aware of how much of that negative I was taking with me, and how it was controlling me, until my reading. My future is my own to make, but I have to work to release that negative energy, the past is the past, and I have to think about the present and future.Without Lucian's reading I don't think I could have made this jump in my feelings. If I can release what's stopping me from moving forward, and causing me to keep living in the past, my future is so bright! Thank you for allowing me to see that what I've been doing has been holding me back and that I do have a future that is much brighter than what I've every hoped was possible!

by lindaf on A Real Psychic

Psychic April Moon is just the best. I called her with some family issues and relationship problems. Of course I didn't tell her that's why I was calling. But she figured it out almost immediately. She also told me about several things in my life that nobody but my boyfriend and I knew about - so I was super impressed right away and felt like she really knew what my life had. We talked about my relationships and my family and for the first time since I was like 12 I started feeling better about myself and where my relationships are going! I'll be calling April Moon next month to check in with her on how things are going - I can't wait!

by msreeder77 on A Real Psychic

My husband had a bad accident and we didn't know if he would make it. I called and talked with Miss Kristine who answered a lot of questions and was so right with her visions and feelings about what happened to him and what he was facing. It's wonderful to find someone you can trust for help when life is hard. Thank you Kristine your the best!!!

by ladylegs68 on A Real Psychic

My reading was with psychic Callie and I was so happy I talked with her. My health has not been good and I wanted to know what the future may have. She warned me to not go down the depression path, and showed me some pretty amazing things in my near future. I'm happy and I'll be back!

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  1. I had good reading with Psychic Diva Vida, and i am more excited to see what happens to my future in near months and my marital problems to get resolved soon. I trust you a lot Diva,but waiting for results,……

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