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Editors Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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Hollywood Psychics

Cost: First time users get the first 3 minutes free. Typical cost is $5 per minute. You purchase time in advance so you always know how much you will be spending, with no hidden fees.

What we liked: Hollywood Psychics has been in business for a long time, and has one of the best customer service policies out there. If you’re not satisfied with your reading, you can receive either your money or credit to your pre-purchased time back. All psychics have ratings clearly displayed on their pages.

What we didn’t like: Hollywood psychics offers both phone sessions and live online chat. We feel the phone sessions are often a better solution as some of the live online chat sessions seemed a bit stilted.

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The Psychics: 3 out of 5 stars

Hollywood Psychics does a great job of clearly presenting their available psychics, and enabling sorting by the type of psychic service you are looking for. We also really appreciated the ratings for each psychic which is clearly displayed on their page. The reviews and comments from past clients will help you determine which psychic may be right for you. Overall, we connected well with most of the psychics we talked to, and our feelings were positive that there were real and meaningful conversations Picking a psychic is easy with the helpful listings of the psychic’s abilities right on their page.
Customer Support: 4 out of 5 stars
Customer support with Hollywood Psychics was also good. Hollywood Psychics is one of the few psychic services to offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your last purchased phone or chat reading you can call their customer service unit and request a refund of your money or time back to try another psychic. Because they are U.S. based contacting the Hollywood Psychics customer service unit is a snap. The customer service team is available 24-7, and they have both a toll free number as well as a live link for instant online chat.
Hollywood Psychics Website: 4 out of 5 stars
We think that among the various psychic websites out there Hollywood Psychics is one of the easier ones to use. There are clear listings of available psychics, versus those who are busy on the phone. In addition, the website clearly marks whether the psychics are available for phone, online chat, or both types of services. We also liked the filters for psychics. It’s easy to use the filters to find psychics that do phone or chat readings, have styles of communications that may align with yours, and of course have listings of specialties such as family and friends, mind-body-spirit, sex and relationships, and much more.
Overall Value: 3 out of 5 stars
Our editors were impressed with Hollywood Psychics and gave them an overall value rating of three out of a possible five stars, which is good. We liked the psychics. We liked our phone sessions, although we did feel the some of the online chat sessions were somewhat stilted. We think that their customer service is a good value with easy to reach customer service representatives and a very forgiving policy of a money back satisfaction guarantee. Our editors felt the Hollywood Psychic website was one of the better ones out there in terms of being easy to use. They also appreciated the honest feedback available from the psychic’s customers ratings and comments. Hollywood Psychic is not afraid to list one star ratings with their psychics, and this shows an open and honest approach that we find refreshing. Overall, Hollywood Psychics is a good value for the money and we therefore rate them with a good rating of three out of a possible five stars.

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by Msrosierodriguez39 on Hollywood Psychics

I had such a horrible first reading at another psychic website that I gave up on psychics for almost 10 years. Then something big happened and I had to make a decision about leaving my family to take a job overseas, or stay here and be with them, but always wonder. Sofia was very direct and did not waste any of my time at all. And she knew amazing details about me and my life that there was absoltuly no way she could possibly know, I knew she was really tuned into my energy. She gave me a very precise and accurate reading and I am so happy, I can't wait for my new life to start. And just so you know, I did decide to take that job, because she told me that sometimes a journey away from family is what actually brings your family closer together!

by Perry on Hollywood Psychics

Not too many guys on here I guess. Didn't really see the point, bunch of stuff that might be true, but you have to wait to see if it comes true. I'm not sure what all the fuss is about - hell - give me some football scores for next week and I'll 100% be a big believer. Until then, not sure

by MistySource on Hollywood Psychics

I have always felt a little like I am a psychic. I keep experiencing things that don't have any logical explanation. Last week my clock stopped at 3:15, I took the battery out. But when I went to the store and got a new battery and came back to put it in, the time was 4:01! That's not possible as I live alone, and the clock didn't even have a battery in it! And I was sure it said 3:15 when I left. Anyway I told Susan about this and about my gift. She could sense my gift and gave me some ideas about it. My session was wonderful and I will be connecting with Susan each month to learn more about me, and about what my future is, because her gift is so much more refined than mine! Love her and will be so excited when I talk with her next month!

by Josie on Hollywood Psychics

I was sure I had a curse on me. Sofia was my psychic and I'm glad I connected so well with her. I do not have a curse, just a few bad luck issues that Sofia told me were going to be turned around into my favor. Sometimes that's how things work, what seems like bad luck turns out to be a set up for even better things. My curses are not curses at all, they are setups for the next even better things to happen soon. Sofia was so good at helping me get past this, I hope she will be able to help you too!

by victoria rodgers on Hollywood Psychics

Sophia is a spiritualist and someone I've been consulting with for a while now. Her last reading was probably the best I've ever had. So insightful and so detailed. Her last reading she said I'd be getting a big raise and promotion and sure enough not more than a month later it happened, pretty much right out of the blue. It too me a while after before I remembered what she said, it was pretty amazing! I called her today and spoke for a long while with her. She said I'd have a new guy coming in my life soon, which is pretty strange as I've given up dating and don't feel like guys out there are worth the trouble, so we'll see about this! Looking forward to finding out if she's right or not!

by herra on Hollywood Psychics

My session was with Raven who I felt really connected with. We talked about my relationships and my love life and I felt really comfortable listening to what she was describing could be my future. I'm confident I'm on the right path now more than ever because of her.

by HeatherJo on Hollywood Psychics

I think I've been putting this off for a while, because I don't really want to know what I'm potentially going to hear. So I worked up the nerve and called. I spoke with Corinne who was very friendly, very helpful and got to the point without a lot of wasting time. She was focused on my relationship, which I was worried about because my lover travels so much we never see each other anymore, and our relationship has been so strained. She assured me that he's still in deep love with me, and he just can't show it the way he wants or needs. She saw bright things (a ring?) in my future. Thanks to Corinne our love life is back. Can psychics save a relationship? Absolutely! I'm living proof.

by Anamarialove on Hollywood Psychics

So I had a great reading and I can't think of anything other than Hollywood Psychics is the real thing. Its not easy to trust an psychic cuz you are on the clock and the money is real , but so much of what I thought was going to happen was not even close - her reading was deep and she knew things nobody but me knows - there's no doubt she was really in touch with me and my energy and I'm so amazed. I'm hoping to get my boyfriend to try it next, but hes such a dud - well see!

by tulsi p on Hollywood Psychics

I enjoyed my time - don't remember her name offhand but she was very specific and I felt like she really did have a keen sense of what my possibilities are. Hollywood Psychics is a very good firm and I will try it again.

by MommyBMinn on Hollywood Psychics

I had a good reading the first time with Mattie who was able to see my future really well. My last reading was with someone who will remain nameless as I felt she was being so general it was a waste of time. But I contacted Hollywood psychics and they gave me another reading so I'm expecting this next one will be with Mattie again!

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