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Editors Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



Cost: Varies by psychic and also varies by the type of services the psychic provides. Currently offering 3 minutes free for new members.

What we liked: A large number of psychics who are categorized by the type of questions you have (for example, psychic readings, love and relationships, life questions, etc.). The per minute rates are displayed along with whether the psychic is available immediately or not. Many of Keen’s psychics have been with them for a long time, some going back to 2005.

What we didn’t like: Finding the filters to further narrow our choices of psychics was a bit difficult, we eventually found the “Refine My Options” filter tool.

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The Psychics: 5 out of 5 stars

In our opinion one of the strong parts of Keen is their psychics. There are many who have been with Keen for a long time (since 2005 or before). We found the psychics we tried to be very good at connecting with us. We also enjoyed having the ability to connect with psychics using chat, a feature that not all phone service sites support. Several of us thought the tabs for categories of types of help are well done, making it easier to find the psychic for your needs. However, some of us felt it was a bit difficult to find the right psychic, hoping for a filter tool on the home page of their website like other services offer.
Customer Support: 4 out of 5 stars
Keen does not test or certify the psychics on their website, and for that we did ding them to give them a four out of five stars. The customer support help is available and was prompt when we made inquiries about our readings. The satisfaction guarantee policy is a credit on your account of up to a total of $25. We would like to see Keen offer a money back guarantee as some other services do, and so gave them four out of five stars for that as well. Keen requires that you do several things to obtain your credit, including leaving a one star rating on the psychics rating page, and notifying them via their form no later than 72 hours after your reading.
Keen Website: 4 out of 5 stars
Overall, we liked the Keen website and found the tabs for different types of readings (Tarot, Psychic, Romance, etc.) helpful for narrowing down the choice of psychics. However, we did have some trouble finding the filter controls to help narrow down the choices of psychics even further. The tool is only available on the full listing page for each type of psychic and is called “Refine My Options.” We felt it was a bit hidden and would have preferred if it was available on the website home page as is the case with several other phone psychic service websites.
Overall Value: 4 out of 5 stars
Based on the good number and quality of psychics, the customer support and website we gave Keen an overall rating of four out of five stars. We find the value of the service to be very helpful and of high quality.

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by olivia90210 on A Real Psychic

mystic haley read for me when I thought I had lost my baby. She told me it would be alright, although I've got some circumstances to deal with that have nothing to do with my health. She's amazing, probably the best one on keen in my opinion and ususally right on. I'll keep with her till he's here.

by Dilly838 on A Real Psychic

Very detailed and clear reading from Psychic Laura who I thought was warm and calming. Loved that reading and will be back with her next month!

by haifa on A Real Psychic

psychic laura and keen are life savers. u never know how much pain you can get through but because of laura i was able to see that im a whole person and what happened to me does not make me who i am. loved it - will be back

by marjorie8 on A Real Psychic

I think Keen is my best kept secret when it comes to psychics. I like trying different psychics - cuz you just never know right? I keep coming back to the psychics on keen cuz theyre faster, better and seem to have more compasion than others I talk to. u get what you pay for and I never felt taken advantage of by anyone on keen. my latest reading was with rube moon who was wonderful, warm and really knew her stuff. I be calling her again after the next retrograde moon.

by JemmaG71 on A Real Psychic

I've had pretty good readings with Keen psychics in the past. I tried Meri or Merri I think her name was? She and I just didn't get the same level I've had with others. Not sure why. Maybe it was me or maybe it was her - I may try again in 6 months or so.

by Miranda Summers on A Real Psychic

I had a nice reading, just a nice reading, with Miranda from Keen. As far as psychics go she seemed to be up there with others Ive tried in the past. I will wait to see what happens before I do another reading, u just never know until u see if what they say is going to happen happens.

by Betsy Moore on A Real Psychic

Very nice reading with Psychic Diana. This is my 3rd reading with a psychic and first with Keen and Diana and I really enjoyed it. She's pretty incredible with her sight, she knew I had recently been in a bad accident and that my healing was going slower than I wanted. She told me (without any prompts) that my injury would heal faster now so I'm feeling much better about everything. I will be back for more! XOXOXO to Diana!

by flowergirl1968 on A Real Psychic

Visionary Rose deserves her name! She was wonderful and I'm very excited about my new relationship after my session with her! I'd give her more stars but I can't!

by Amaranth on A Real Psychic

So enjoyed my reading and will be back for more!

by NanaG on A Real Psychic

I've been a loyal follower of Kimmy for quite some time. She's so right on!

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  1. I’ve called many many psychics over the last year on Keen. Some connected, some I knew were bull crap. 95% of the psychics gave me the same prediction of which none came to pass. At one point, I wondered if they all compare notes so they can say the same thing. The 5% that did give a different insight were correct in the long run. I even had a few say the exact same words verbatim about 2 different men. It’s sad that some people just take advantage of others for money.

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