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Editors Rating:4 out of 5 stars

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Cost: Price varies by psychic, however Oranum uses ‘credits’ that you purchase with your credit card to pay for your readings.

What we liked: Oranum has live chat based sessions with the psychics, where you and the psychic can interact live via their webcams. Oranum is also the only psychic service that allows you to chat free with the psychics prior to agreeing to conduct a private, paid session.

What we didn’t like: Customer support is handled via email only. There is a billing phone number, but it is located in Luxembourg in Europe which can be expensive to call for U.S. based customers.

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The Psychics: 4 out of 5 stars

Oranum has a large number of psychics who are able to connect with you through their webcams, which is a good way of receiving a reading. Their psychics are checked and tested. Because their psychics have a relationship with Oranum there is customer service and support available. Probably the biggest issue with their psychics is there are some who will try to sell spells or potions, practices we think are complete scams. However, because of Oranum’s free chat you have the ability to question and get to know your psychic prior to arranging for a private session. We find that very useful and helpful.
Customer Support: 2 out of 5 stars
Probably the biggest issue we have with Oranum is their lack of a customer service phone number to register complaints. Instead of a phone number, they use email, with a promise they will respond back to your email in 24 hours. Assuming they agree to pay for a bad session, they will provide payment back to your credit card, which is helpful. Because Oranum uses credits (you purchase credits with your credit card) there can be issues with having small amounts of ‘credits’ left over after a session. Assuming you wish to continue using Oranum this is not an issue, but obtaining cash back for unused credits is not possible.
Oranum Website: 4 out of 5 stars
We found the Oranum website fairly easy to use, and informative. It’s easy to tell which psychic is available or busy through their chat icons, which change from green to red when the psychic is busy. Some psychics do a good job of providing helpful information that categorizes their type of help. However, there are others that we feel do not have enough information and make it difficult to determine if they would be of value based on their background and expertise. Because of this we rated the Oranum website with a four out of five possible stars.
Overall Value: 3 out of 5 stars
We like the idea of Oranum providing a handy way to connect with good quality psychics using webcams. However we are disappointed in Oranum’s customer service issues, their lack of a phone number being the main problem. We also have reservations about some of the psychics that are trying to sell fake spells or potions. Other than that, Oranum is a good site with some excellent psychics that can help people achieve their goals.

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by corina71 on A Real Psychic

I never tried oranum before but had a reading with Love Dr Nikki and she was marvelous! I can see why she's so popular, quick, great gift for insight and warm.

by Princessmia on A Real Psychic

My health has been a problem and I'm scared. I had a reading with Goldie, who talked about my chakra healing and about my problems with my health. She was right on and I am pretty impressed. Hoping things will work out the way she said.

by Carla J on A Real Psychic

Love love love my Jennie Gal. She's so good at guiding me through my confusing life! She's quick, accurate and polite - all things I appreciate!

by makenzie on A Real Psychic

I tried some of the other services but have been coming back to Oranum mostly because I know what I'm getting, what I'm spending, and how true the reading is. My last was a dream intrepretation with txmedium who really caused me to think about things - espeically my broken relationship with my mother!

by Kimmie88 on A Real Psychic

Oranum has some really great psychics but my fav is Kydra cuz she always lets me ask lots of questions and is willing to go deep when u need it

by workingmom2 on A Real Psychic

Wonderful! Really felt connect with Jon Moss and I'll be calling again this summer to check back!

by brooklyngal on A Real Psychic

My reading was with an oranum psychic called Essie or Essy I think. She was great! I got great career feedback from her and will be back!

by Hope J on A Real Psychic

Oranum has a good policy for helping you if you're not happy with your reading. And I love their live chats where you can see the psychic right on your screen. So much better than being on a call!

by BellaPBJ on A Real Psychic

Not necessarily the best reading I ever had, but not the worst either. I liked how Empress was able to quickly understand my needs and get to my problems. But her answers were not what I was hoping for. Maybe I shouldn't hold that against her, but really I was wanting to hear something better than what I got - which wasn't bad, but wasn't awesome. Still, I would try again if only to double check that what I'm hoping for actually has a chance of happening.

by Serena7808 on A Real Psychic

My first time with a psychic did not go well. But I contacted customer service and they gave me another reading with no hassle, which was nice. This reading was with Jashoda who I feel was actually pretty impressive. I'm not sure everything made 100% sense but I"m looking forward to seeing if what she was saying will happen or not. I think the key thing is stick with a service where if you feel you didn't get what you paid for you can get some sort of credit, not all of them do that.

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  1. My experience with Oranum has been very pleasant if I do say so myself. I’ve had readings with GentlemanJim and AlyciaRose, tarotadite and Benny Ciaccio and they have all been really good experiences.. If I had to choose a favorite I would say Alycia or Benny because they were both accurate and very trustworthy when I had readings with them and They also gave me the same predictions which came to pass in recent days so I know they r Oranum’s most gifted. I would recommend them both! ~Macy

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