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Oranum Ratings by our editors and other customers

Editors Rating:4 out of 5 stars

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Cost: Price varies by psychic, however Oranum uses credits that you purchase with your credit card to pay for your readings.

What we liked: Oranum has live chat based sessions with the psychics, where you and the psychic can interact live via their webcams. Oranum is also the only psychic service that allows you to chat free with the psychics prior to agreeing to conduct a private, paid session.

What we didn’t like: Customer support is handled via email only. There is a billing phone number, but it is located in Luxembourg in Europe which can be expensive to call for U.S. based customers.

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The Psychics: 4 out of 5 stars

Oranum has a large number of psychics who are able to connect with you through their webcams, which is a good way of receiving a reading. Their psychics are checked and tested. Because their psychics have a relationship with Oranum there is customer service and support available. Probably the biggest issue with their psychics is there are some who will try to sell spells or potions, practices we think are complete scams. However, because of Oranum’s free chat you have the ability to question and get to know your psychic prior to arranging for a private session. We find that very useful and helpful.
Customer Support: 3 out of 5 stars
Probably the only issue we have with Oranum is their lack of a customer service phone number to call for questions or issues. Instead of a phone number, they use email, with a promise they will respond back to your email in 24 hours. Assuming they agree to pay for a bad session, they will provide payment back to your credit card, which is helpful. Because Oranum uses credits (you purchase credits with your credit card) there can be issues with having small amounts of ‘credits’ left over after a session. Assuming you wish to continue using Oranum this is not an issue, but obtaining cash back for unused credits is not possible.
Oranum Website: 4 out of 5 stars
We found the Oranum website fairly easy to use, and informative. It’s easy to tell which psychic is available or busy through their chat icons, which change from green to red when the psychic is busy. Some psychics do a good job of providing helpful information that categorizes their type of help. However, there are others that we feel do not have enough information and make it difficult to determine if they would be of value based on their background and expertise. Because of this we rated the Oranum website with a four out of five possible stars.
Overall Value: 3 out of 5 stars
We like the idea of Oranum providing a handy way to connect with good quality psychics using webcams. However we are disappointed in Oranum’s customer service issues, their lack of a phone number being the main problem. We also have reservations about some of the psychics that are trying to sell fake spells or potions. Other than that, Oranum is a good site with some excellent psychics that can help people achieve their goals.

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by Harmony221 on A Real Psychic

I tried the free chat, it was great. The first psychic I chatted with was warm, but just too distant. I tried anther and he was just creepy. But the third was Jenniegal and she was warm, sensitive, understood me very deeply and knew things that there was noooooo way she could know! I'm happy I got the chance to try them out with the chat, it really helped! If you need a warm and personable psychic I suggest you give jennie a session to see if she connects with you the way she connected with me. And I'm really looking forward to some big announcement that is coming for me next month - so excited!

by jandra b on A Real Psychic

Askselene gave me a reading and I was very impressed and happy, I'll be back next month for more with her! 🙂

by chastain mu on A Real Psychic

Fantastic reading with Love Dr. Nikki about my relationships and boyfriends. Can't seem to find the right guy and am always attracted to bad boys. But with her help I now know why, and am so excited about what's coming (tall, dark, handsome and RESPECTFUL!!!)

by Megan T on A Real Psychic

My love life has been horrible and I just about gave up hope of ever finding someone. I've tried several psychics and got little out of their readings. I decided to give it one last try and talked with loveexpert1. I felt like I was talking with someone who really knew me and what I had been through, and what could be coming up for me next. I'm so excited that my guy is just around the corner! Can't wait for next month to see if everything loveexpert said will happen! I'll be back for more

by Cambria H on A Real Psychic

Alycia Rose is my go-to when I need to understand what's happening in my life and what I need to do next. It's not joke but she told me about my divorce a year before that happened. She also told me I'd be meeting a tall-dark-stranger who I'd be dating in 6 months so I'm so excited I can't wait! I love talking to her each month and if you need someone who you can trust I recommend her 100%

by sandipip on A Real Psychic

My reading was about my boyfriend weve had a hard time and its not any better. wanted to know what the future will be like if hes going to get serios or not. So lovedrniki did my reading and it was right on, theres absolutely no way she knew what she did, I was so impressed. cant say i enjoyed hearing whats coming next but at least i know what he may be doing so i feel better

by AnnieB on A Real Psychic

My pal Catherine, (she goes by MystycAngel ) always a pleaure to talk her , holding you down for 4 weeks on short term , 7 months for long term. Hope you are right,

by mercedee90210 on A Real Psychic

I've been very depresseed latetly and haven't been myself. I was wondering if I needed some guidance and support to get me through this time in my life. My BFF said I should try a psychic but when I tried hers I just wanted more, didn't really feel at all connected or that I got anything out of it. I still felt anxious and depressed so I thought maybe I'll try another. I came to this site looking for psychics and read about some of the oranum psychics and decided to try it. I had a spiritual and fulfilling reading with Aliciarose about my life path and my fears. She was so insightful and so able to connect with me on a deep empotional level - I am feeling better and I think less about fear and more about opportunity - which is what she said I should focus on as I have everything I need to be happy. I would definitely recommend her and I will be back for more!

by Micahsmom on A Real Psychic

Such a nice reading with Sarahbashinda who has an odd name but is really very good at sensing what I was going through and being very specific about my love life! I'll be working on my love life and I'm pretty shocked with how accurate her spread was for me! 5 stars!

by Heather-ventura on A Real Psychic

Never thought I would try this again, because the first time was a long time ago and it scared me to death! I was petrified of the witch lady as I called her. But this reading was so completely different . I talked with Joanna who was marvelous, enjoyable and well worth my time.

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  1. My experience with Oranum has been very pleasant if I do say so myself. I’ve had readings with GentlemanJim and AlyciaRose, tarotadite and Benny Ciaccio and they have all been really good experiences.. If I had to choose a favorite I would say Alycia or Benny because they were both accurate and very trustworthy when I had readings with them and They also gave me the same predictions which came to pass in recent days so I know they r Oranum’s most gifted. I would recommend them both! ~Macy

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