Psychic Reading

What is a Psychic Reading?

Phone psychic readingAccording to Wikipedia, “A psychic reading is an attempt to foretell the future of an individual or group.” However, this is not 100% correct. Although many psychic readings are often used to tell people about possible future events and how that may impact their lives, there are other types of psychic readings. For example, some psychic readings are actually attempts to examine and interpret the psychic energy around someone. Other psychic readings tap into the energy around a person to understand their past. Perhaps a better definition of a psychic reading is to say it’s an attempt by a psychic to read and interpret psychic energy and to explain how that energy might impact, or have impacted, a person.

Types of psychic reading

There are many types, methods and systems of psychic or extra-sensory readings employed by those who claim to have psychic abilities. A professional psychic may have one or more specialized areas of expertise such as psychometry, distant readings, Tarot reading, astrology or horoscope readings, numerology, palm reading, past-life readings, aura readings or any number of other methods.

Psychic readings include face-to-face readings such as in-person readings at home, psychic party readings for a group, and the less detailed and shorter psychic fair readings. Distant readings include internet readings, phone readings and mail readings. In some rare cases, a method of psychic sensing known as remote viewing is used.

Distant readings

Distant readings are conducted many times without the reader ever meeting or speaking to the client. The client asks questions pertaining to his or her life and a psychic uses intuitive senses to determine a probable outcome or solution to those questions. At times this practice is similar to methods used for remote viewing and healing. This method dispenses with the possibility of the reader picking up on visual or verbal cues evident in face to face or telephone readings.

Tarot reading

Tarot reading, or reading a deck of Tarot cards, is what many people often think of when they think of psychics. Because of this perception Tarot reading is used often to try to read a person’s future, or understand what should be done with relationships, jobs, family matters or other important events. Tarot readings are influenced by many variables, and so there rarely are two readings that are the same. This is because each card in the 78 Tarot card deck has a specific meaning. Also, the order in which cards are pulled makes a difference, as does their position when laid out in the spread. Because of this variation, Tarot reading seldom produces the same results among different Psychics, and even differences between interpretations by Psychics can influence the reading.

Psychometry readings

Psychometry readings use objects that have been very close to a person to help tune-in to the energy of that person. These objects could be a favorite piece of jewelry that someone always wore, or a watch, glasses or other item that they kept close. Some of the person’s energy is attached to the item, and it is this energy that the Psychic attempts to read. Psychometric readings are used to try to find a missing person, to learn more about a person who has passed on, or to try to understand other information about the person who used to own the item.

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  1. So how do u find a real psychic? One that doesn’t rip u off? Their in the business to make money? Just follow tem fair to fair? Seems to be the best luck I’ve had with one

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