Are Psychics Real

Are Psychics Real? The Truth About Psychics


Are psychics real? There are a lot of strong opinions about this. But what about you? Do you think Psychics are real, or just another tooth-fairy story? The answer is here, read on to learn the truth!


The Absolute Truth about REAL Psychics

I’m not afraid to say it anymore. I am a Psychic Medium, and I’m finally comfortable saying that. But I used to be one of the biggest skeptics out there!

My sister used to watch “Medium” on TV, remember that show with Patricia Arquette? Or how about “Long Island Medium” or even “John Edward?” I of course just laughed at her, and told her how silly all that was.

But then years ago and with no warning I stumbled into strange things I didn’t understand. What I now know is I had sensitivity to certain energies. I could ‘hear’ voices and sense things others couldn’t. Who knew those shows, and my sister, were right?

As time went by, I came to realize that as a psychic and a medium there are two separate groups of people:

  • Believers of psychics who understand there are many things in this universe we still don’t understand
  • Nonbelievers who insist that if they can’t measure it, touch it or feel it, it’s not real

The sad truth is nonbelievers will not accept, and do not understand that psychic ability is real and psychics and mediums do exist.

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Real Psychics:

  1. Sense energy we cannot see or hear
  2. Absolutely CANNOT read your mind
  3. Cannot accurately predict the future
  4. Do not cause any changes to your life
  5. Can help you navigate your life path


Psychics and psychic ability is a very broad and very deep subject. There are many types of psychic ability and many different ways psychics can receive psychic energy.

It’s a sad but true fact that often “psychics” are all put together into one big group. This is despite the fact that there are many different kinds of psychics, mediums and intuitives who all have different skills, strengths and abilities that make each one unique.

Six Do’s and Don’t of Psychic Readings:

  1. Don’t assume a psychic will give you a detailed description of what is coming in your future. You are wasting your money if you are trying to determine what your exact future looks like. Remember, free will and your choices have a great impact on what happens to you. The future is always in motion.
  2. Don’t assume that all psychic predictions will come true. The fact is, your ability to choose whether you do something, or not, will cause your predictions to come true, or not!
  3. Don’t provide too much information. Being a chatter box and giving too much detail can help fake psychics take advantage of you. You should answer questions truthfully, but don’t go on and on. You are there to hear your psychic, not the other way around!
  4. Don’t assume psychics always get it right. Psychics, like anyone, can have better days. Even expert psychics may have off readings, or even off days! Like all of us, psychics receive energy from all around their environment. Some days, and with some readings, it may be harder to tune in to that psychic energy.
  5. Do come with an open mind to your reading. Being closed off, scared, or nervous can close off your energy to the psychic. It becomes that much more difficult to have a reading if you are consciously or unconsciously distancing yourself.
  6. Do jot down your notes and thoughts immediately after your reading. Time will erase some of what was covered during your session, and you’ll forget the details. Keeping notes and reminders will help you when in the future you are experiencing some of the events covered in your session.

Seriously, if you had talked to me years ago and asked me “are psychics real” I would probably have laughed and said “no way psychics are real!

I was too naïve to realize that there is much in the world we don’t understand. Now that I have realized I have the gift, I realize that the answer is yes, and that psychics are absolutely real.

Real Psychics Compared to Media Psychics


Are psychics and mediums real? If you follow the media like movies, TV and social media the answer is… absolutely!

In the old days, being a psychic or a medium was considered witchcraft, something you could be burned at the stake for. Absolutely terrible!

Now psychics and mediums are celebrated in TV shows like Long Island Medium, movies like The Sixth Sense and social media sites like this one (A Real Psychic). Being able to communicate with the dead or see the possible future are considered almost normal now.

What used to be a scary and deep dark secret is now in the open. Our friends, neighbors and family can all be psychics, intuitives or mediums. And we accept them as just who they are, people like us.

It’s not a coincidence that the TV show Long Island Medium was a smash hit that immediately brought celebrity and fame to a woman who simply connects with those who have passed!


All of us have the ability to tap into our psychic energy. The only thing we lack is training in how to do it.

Audiences love these celebrities because they show how human, friendly and warm psychics really are.

Of course, this is all well and good, but sometimes the media portrays psychics and mediums doing things that are not really true. Remember, not everything you watch on TV or Social Media is real.

Are Psychics Able to Find Hidden Bodies of Murdered People?

I read articles almost every week about some Medium being hired to find the body of someone who’s disappeared and feared murdered. It’s amazing the number of times they don’t actually find anything at all, even though they try their best.


Because all the real psychic mediums I know and have worked with are good at communicating with someone who’s passed, but have little ability to divine where that persons mortal remains may be.

In movies and on TV you’ll see psychics and mediums doing things like this with ease. The reality is, it doesn’t necessarily work that way. What sounds good for a movie or TV show is entertaining, but not actually based on reality.

There are a lot of half-truths about psychic ability. TV shows, social media and movies are good at making us watch with fascination. But the fact is using medium and psychic abilities takes practice, and even then is not as easy or simple as fictional shows would have us believe.

Reasons Why Some People are Doubtful About Psychics:

So are psychics real? What do those who say ‘no’ have as reasons why they say psychics do not exist? Often their doubts about psychics come from:

  • Someone claiming to be a psychic scammed them in the past
  • Their religion forbids or looks down on psychics
  • They had poor psychic readings that caused them to doubt
  • The never tried a psychic because they are afraid of what might be uncovered

More Skepticism About Psychics

How often have you heard the following questions or perhaps wondered yourself?

  • “If there really are psychics, why don’t they win the lottery?”
  • “Why do bad things happen to psychics, can’t they see their own future?”
  • “Why aren’t all psychics rich if they can predict the future?”

Let’s take each question, one at a time.

“Why don’t psychics win the lottery?”

The reason why psychics and intuitives don’t win the lottery is because psychics ‘read’ or ‘hear’ psychic energy.

The lottery is a game of chance. Numbers are drawn at random. There is no psychic energy involved.

Think of it like a still pond. If a rock (psychic energy) is thrown into the pond, it will make ripples. Someone on the edge of the pond will eventually see the ripples. But if there is no rock, then there are no ripples, and the person on the edge will see nothing.

“Why do bad things happen to psychics, can’t they see their own future?”

The short answer is no. As a psychic, you have the ability to be aware of psychic energy around you, but not your own psychic energy. That’s because if you were constantly aware of your own energy, you would be flooded with thoughts and feelings that would make you unable to even move! It’s kind of like a protection from information overload.

Think of it like a perfume. If you use perfume, you’ll smell it for maybe a minute or so, but eventually your system tunes-out the smell so you can be aware of other smells around you. Your system tunes-out the smell so you don’t have information overload. Psychics are the same way, they do not have the ability to sense their own energy because of information overload.

“Why aren’t all psychics rich if they can predict the future?”

This is very much the same as the above two answers, psychics are not able to determine random acts of chance because there’s no energy involved. And psychics cannot predict their own future because they are automatically tuned-out from their own energy, so they don’t have information overload.

Most psychics I know are not rich in wealth. But many of them are rich with love, and the good feeling that comes from helping others.

So Are Psychics Real? Here’s the Truth

Psychics are like doctors, lawyers or plumbers. Some of them are extremely talented and good at what they do. Other psychics have talents that are good, but need additional work to get to great.

Some psychics are better at some things, like Tarot Card readings, and perhaps not as good as others, like connecting with those who have passed.

Each psychic has unique talents and skills that set them apart from every other psychic. That’s why it’s so important to use reviews of psychics from experts and real customers to find the right psychic for you.

Everyone, including you, has some form of Psychic Ability. Astronomers have Dark Energy and Dark Matter, things that have major influences on the universe that cannot be seen nor detected. You are the same, you have something in you that cannot be seen nor detected, it’s psychic abilities.

So yes, psychics are real!

And if you doubt it, ask yourself truthfully if any of these have ever happened to you:

  • You had a dream that later came true
  • You’ve had feelings of Déjà vu, like something that’s happening now has already happened
  • You instantly like someone (or dislike them) but don’t know why
  • You get a strong feeling of danger, your hairs stand up on your arms and neck, but you don’t know why
  • You have thoughts of someone you’ve not talked to in ages, and they suddenly call you
  • You can see someone’s aura, a color around them that you can’t explain

Many or all of these may have happened to you from time to time. They are all indicators that you were tuning in to psychic energy. You, me and everyone else to some extent has this psychic ability. But just like everything else, it takes training and practice to develop those skills.

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