Wall Street Psychic

On November 30th Forbes.com book reviewer Michael Maiello wrote a short review about Mary Browne’s book, The 5 Rules of Thought: How to Use the Power of your Mind to Get What You Want. It was an interesting review of a psychic book in that Mr. Maiello took the time to actually visit Mary Browne and have a cold reading done. As a psychic that has Wall Street clients who seek her advice, it seems logical for Mr Maiello to conduct such an interview and book review.

In his review, Mr. Maiello mentions that Mary Browne conducts positive psychic readings and helps people focus on the actions that can bring about a person’s wishes, even those with little to no psychic ability. She writes that for a person to succeed you must decide on what you want, see it happen in your mind, create an action plan and stick with it, believe in your plan and accomplish it with persistence and patience. Sounds like great advice to me!

As a psychic with clients willing to pay $400 per hour for a reading, you can bet that Mary Browne knows a thing or two about how to inspire Wall Street. It’s interesting to note that Mr. Maiello never really indicates whether the believes that Mary Browne may be a real psychic, or not. Although he does indicate that because of the speed with which Mary Browne conducted his reading, he had a tendency to remember the things that she got right, and not the things she didn’t.

In the end, Mr Maiello mentions that the Mary Browne’s book is a quick read and would be a great Holiday gift to anyone who needs peace of mind, and in these times that could just about be all of us.

For further information see Mr Maiello’s psychic book review at Forbes.com.

And, you can check out Mary Browne’s The Five Rules of Thought book at Amazon.com.